Water is critical for everyday lives as it is used for drinking, taking baths, cooking, laundry and general washing among many other uses. Every household consider water as the first priority.  While there are different sources of water depending on where you live, boreholes are an attractive source because of their cost-effectiveness.  Important facts on water boreholes are highlighted on this site.

 Boreholes refer to narrow and intense shafts drilled into the ground vertically or horizontally.  Below the surface of the earth, there are underground water and the intention of boreholes is to tap into these aquifers and have them available for use on the surface.  Boreholes have to be lined with a suitable casing or screen.  The filter to the borehole, you will need an annulus around the screen and gravel or rounded inert silica sand. 

 If you want to avoid incidences of polluted groundwater, you will need a seal near the part of the shaft which closes the pipe’s drill holes. You will also need a sealed chamber to be installed to house the surface valve and the well-head before you submerge a stainless steel pump into the borehole.  View here some of the factors should be put into consideration when planning to have drill a water borehole. 

 Keep in mind that the first hole drilled in your property does not guarantee water will be found. The water being sought when drilling a borehole is usually deep and there is always a risk of dry borehole whose drilling cost will fall on you.  Some people can be lucky to get water boreholes on the first trial in which case they will be charged less than someone who succeeds at the second or third attempt.  When the borehole is installed professionally with quality materials, it can last for about two decades without a problem. 

 The drilling process can be noisy and messy and it is a good idea to talk to your neighbors before you start it so that they can be patient with you. The drilling equipment can be large and heavy and while the contractor can promise to be careful, there is still a chance that your property might be damaged in some way. It is therefore advisable that you remove anything of value from the area where drilling will take place and in case of damages, consider doing a complete makeover. 

When looking for a water borehole drilling contractor consider their experience and reputation on the installation of water boreholes in the area.    Without compromising on the integrity of the water borehole to be drilled, find the most affordable drilling contractor whose rates fall within your budget. Here is an alternative post for more info on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Well.